Buy Certified Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from"Le Balze"

Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our certified organic extra virgin olive oil is sold in three formats: 1 liter (35.2 oz.), 0.5 liter (17.6 oz.) and 0.25 liter (8.4 oz.).

Royal Oil, our Denocciolato

The Grand Cru of our collection is our Denocciolato, that means that the pit has been removed from the olive before the olive goes into the grinder. This production process takes longer because, after being washed, the olives pass through a machine that separates the pit from the pulp reducing the pulp into small pieces. Then the pulp gets pressed and the oil is ready.
Different from the normal extra virgin, Denocciolato can be bottled directly and doesn’t need the winter decanting period like normal oil does, because the deposit coming from the normal extra virgin through the winter period, is basically the crushed pit and very little of the pulp.
Not needing to be decanted, Denocciolato preserves the typical taste of freshly produced oil and, thus, its aroma is extremely long-lasting and perfect to enhance the taste of tartares, carpaccios, and vegetables.

Natural Flavoured Oils

The Le Balze oil collection also offers eight seasoned oils, i.e. extra virgin oil with a natural aroma. Our production method extracts essentials oils that create the aroma at the same time the oil is produced.
Red pepper, bay leaf, lemon, garlic, rosemary, ginger, basil, or sage are put in with the olives into the millstone grinder in order to obtain the seasoned oil before the winter storage period.
This method, different from that of infusion in which the herbs are left to soak in the finished oil, boosts the flavouring process and avoids extended contact with the elements, like water, wood, or leaves, which can make oil go rancid and damage oil preservation.
The result is an elegant oil with a smooth and perfectly-flavoured taste, which enhances but does not cover or dominate other ingredients and flavours in your food.

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