The Olive Oil Consortium Macine del Trasimeno

Continuity in the organic process from production to consumption.

Consortium for the production of organic certified extra-virgin olive oil.

The Consortium was established as an association for the production of extra virgin olive oil, thanks to the initiative of the two owners of the farms, Il Monte and Le Balze, both dedicated to the organic cultivation of olives in the area around Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, Italy.

The two companies, both certified for organic cultivation of olives by Bioagricert, IT/US BAC 102431, have been recognized many times for the quality of the oil produced:

The consortium oversees Macine del Trasimeno production facilities and storage of organic extra virgin olive oil. The production facilities are certified by Bioagricert, thus ensuring continuity in the organic process from production to consumption.


Plants operated by olive oil Consortium Macine del Trasimeno.

Our facilities are certified organic by Bioagricert for production, storage and, bottling of extra-virgin organic olive oil.

  • Oil Mill with Traditional Stone Press.

    Carefully cold pressed by stone presses with fiescoli (filters), used in the past but with the modern emphasis on preserving all the qualities of the extra-virgin olive oil.

    Our Oil Mill

    The facilities at the mill are located in a renovated old farmhouse on a hill overlooking the Umbrian countryside and the valley of Lake Trasimeno, and between Paciano and Città della Pieve (Perugia). Faithful to a philosophy of traditional processing of the olives, the facilities are like “they used to be”, but with modern amenities that make them compatible with both the quality requirements of biological production, either with the current requirements of hygiene and safety: grinder in mills (stone), automatic weighing (weighing olives), defoliation, bath wash, kneading (for the mixing of the oily paste), presses fiescoli (double circular discs made ​​of rope) and separator.The processing is done at room temperature and the production is about 0.5 metric tonnes per day.


  • Storage of Oil In Stainless Steel Tanks At Controlled Temperature.

    Olive oil is sensitive to light and temperature changes and, to ensure a perfect storage until bottling, it is kept in a controlled environment to help preserve the natural process of sedimentation.

    The oil is not filtered but decanted into containers made ​​of stainless steel at a temperature of 16 degrees Celsius (61 °F), to bottling, which occurs in the spring.


  • Plant for Bottling.

    In March-April, when the decanting process is complete, all the oil is bottled and kept cool until shipment. Once bottled the oil lies far away from light and heat, their arch enemies, to shipping.


  • Wastewater Disposal System (For Removal Of Pollutants) With Controlled Natural Filtered Wetlands.

    The disposal of waste processing is done in an environmentally friendly, closing a beneficial cycle of quality and sustainability.

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