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Contact the Macine del Trasimeno consortium or one of its farms for questions, purchases, and shipments of our organic extra virgin olive oil.


Consorzio Olivicolo Macine del Trasimeno

Via S. Lucia, 5 – tel. +39 075 953531 (registered office)
Voc. Le Balze – tel. +39 075 830538 (operational headquarters)
06060 Paciano (PG), Italy
Cod. Fis.e Part. IVA 0214940540

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olive oil Il Monte

Il Monte

Azienda Agricola Il Monte di E. Mercuriali
Voc. Il Monte,17
06062 Città della Pieve (PG)

Le Balze

Azienda Agricola Le Balze Soc.Semplice
Loc. Le Balze
06060 Paciano (PG)

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