The Lake Trasimeno Hills are the Production Area of our Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil.

We are in Umbria on the border with Tuscany, in the green hills that surround the blue of Lake Trasimeno ...

Where we are.

Our region: the hills of Trasimeno in Umbria.

Umbria, at the center of the Italian peninsula, surrounded by Tuscany, Lazio, and Marche, is a hilly region, not very large, rich in water and vegetation. For this reason, it is called “The Green Heart of Italy”.

The countryside surrounding Lake Trasimeno appears as an amphitheater of hills that frames the surface of the lake. At 128 square kilometers, it is the largest lake in peninsular Italy and is regulated as a regional park.
The western side of the Lake stretches into a strip of flat land, called Val di Chiana, opening towards Tuscany. The northwestern part of the Trasimeno area in fact marks the border between Umbria, of which Lake Trasimeno is an integral part, and the Tuscan provinces of Siena and Arezzo.
The lake district consists of eight municipalities, some of them perched on the hills (Città della Pieve, Paciano, Panicale, Piegaro) and others (Castiglione del Lago, Magione, Passignano, Tuoro sul Trasimeno) by and directly facing the body of water.
Visitors can understand why the Etruscans considered Lake Trasimeno, which they called “Tarsminas”, sacred and was seen as an earthly representation of the sky. The stories of the Etruscans and of Hannibal can only enhance the lake’s present-day unspoiled wonderment. Surrounding Lake Trasimeno, the olive groves have endured centuries of seasonal changes through many historical events and over many generations.

The perfect microclimate for extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality.

The perfect climatic conditions and the fertile soil at the foot of the Apennines are ideal for a slow ripening of the olives and, hence, their low acidity. These olives are the source of the extraordinarily rich quality of extra virgin olive oil produced in the hills of Trasimeno Lake.
For decades in the whole area, organic farming has grown to ensure the production of healthy and high-quality foodto maintain the agricultural landscape, to preserve the traditions and the environment, to maintain the fertility of the land and the sustainability of agricultural production, and to improve environmental conditions.

The olive oil production consortium, Macine del Trasimeno, and the companies that have formed it, Le Balze and Il Monte, were among the first to promote organic olive growth in the Trasimeno hills area. Thanks to a favorable environment, the conditions for organic farming were perfect for the olives and for the taste of the connoisseur.

On the map, you will find the exact location of the Consortium and of the farms from which you can purchase the organic olive oil that we produce.

Farm Il Monte di E. Mercuriali

Farm Il Monte di E. Mercuriali
Vocabolo Il Monte, 17
06062 Città della Pieve (PG)
tel. (+39) 0578 298521
Company Contact: Mr. Stefano PETRALI cell. (+39)348 2925762

The company was founded thirty years ago, and is managed personally by the owner, Eros Mercuriali. The land is on a south-facing slope, divided between two locations: Il Monte with 12 hectares (30 acres) and 1900 olive trees and Canale with 3 hectares (7 acres) and 600 olive trees. The Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio varieties of olive trees are typical of Il Monte and are grown organically, i.e. without the use of pesticides or chemicals banned by the certification authorities.

Le Balze s.s.

Le Balze was founded in 1986, on the north slope of Mount Pausillo above the village of Paciano (province of Perugia), a small medieval village ranked among the most beautiful in Italy.
Le Balze, headed by Gianluigi Matturri, has 10,000 olive trees typical of the area: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio, and Dolce Agogia, and an average annual production of 170 to 180 metric tonnes of olives.
The cultivation of the plants is strictly organic.
In line with its organic, “pure” approach to cultivation, Le Balze applies the same care in processing the olives.

Olive Oil Consortium Macine del Trasimeno

macine The Consortium was established as an association for production of extra virgin olive oil, thanks to the initiative of the owners of two farms, Il Monte and Le Balze, both dedicated to organic cultivation of olives in the area around Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, Italy.
The two companies, Il Monte Farm of E. Mercuriali and Le Balze Farm, both certified for organic cultivation of olives by Bioagricert, have been recognized many times for the quality of the oil produced.
The Macine del Trasimeno Consortium oversees the production and storage facilities for organic extra virgin olive oil. The production facilities are certified by Bioagricert, thus ensuring continuity in the organic process from production to consumption.

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